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                About Our Faculty

                Currently, there are over 110 faculty members at Department of Automation, including Professor Yanda Li, Member of Chinese Academy of Science, Professor Chen Wu, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 41 full professors, and 45 associate professors. Among our faculty, there are 4 distinguished professors of Cheung Kong Scholars Program, Ministry of Education(MOE), 3 distinguished chair professors of Cheung Kong Scholars Program, Ministry of Education(MOE), 6 professor being awarded National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 10 professors being selected into the Program for New Century Excellent Talents (MOE),  and 3 professors listed in Tsinghua Hundred Talents Plan. Our faculty, consisting of different-aged scholars with diversified research interests and experienced teachers, forms a great teaching and research team in the dicipline of automation science and engineering. An innovative research group of Joint Funds of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, headed by Professor Donghua Zhou, and consisting of 12 excellent professors, has been formed. Furthermore, we have engaged Prof. Yu-Chi Ho from Harvard University, a world famous scientist on control science, Member of National Academy of Engineering of U.S., Foreign Associates both of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and M.S. Waterman from University of Southern California, Member of National Academy of Engineering of U.S., as Chair Professors of Tsinghua University. We also engaged a lot of famous scientists and engineers as adjunct professors, including Prof. Jian Song, a famous scientist on control science, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the former President of Chinese Academy of Engineering,  Lei Guo, famous Control Theory expert, Songde Ma, famous Mode Reorganization researcher, academician Hongxin Wu, General Bolin Sun, Baohua Yang, Director of  China Academy of Space Technology, Professor Baichuan Du, and academician Tianyou Chai, expert in the field of control science.  Some famous scholars were engaged as guest Professors, including Dr. Shigong Li, Director of IBM China Research Lab, and Prof. Shankar Sastry, from UC Berleley.