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                Undergraduate Programs

                Fundamental courses
                  Fundamentals of Analog Electronics
                  Fundamentals of Digital Electronics
                  Computer Principles and Applications
                  Computer Language and Program Design
                  Data Structures
                  Numerical Analysis
                  Applied Stochastic Processes
                  Signals and Systems
                  Theory of Automatic Control(1)
                Core courses
                  Operations Research (1)
                  Theory of Automatic Control (2)
                  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
                  Computer Networks and Applications
                  Fundamentals of Power Electronics
                  Principles of Measurements
                  Process Control
                  Electrical Machinery and Motion Control
                Drop courses
                  Simulation with Computer
                  Fundamentals of System Identification
                  Fundamental Pattern Recognition
                  Computer Control Systems
                  Digital Image Processing
                  Introduction to System Engineering
                  Introduction of CIM Systems
                Elective courses
                  Intelligent Control of Robots
                  Intelligent Control
                  Introduction to Stochastic Control
                  Nonlinear Control Theory
                  Process Control (2)
                  Special Topics on Control
                  Planning and Control of Production System
                  Intelligent Optimization Algorithms with Applications
                  System Reliability and Fault Tolerance
                  Discrete-Time Signal Processing
                  Random Talks on Control and Signal Processing for Spatially Distributed Systems
                  Fundamentals of Advanced Measurement Science and Technology
                  Intelligent Instrument Design
                  Electronic Measurements
                  Micro-processor Control of Power Electronic Circuits
                  Fieldbus Technology & its Application
                  Design and Application on Embedded System
                  Digital Image Processing and Multimedia Technology
                  Fundamentals of Digital Video and its Applications
                  Fundamentals of Digital Video and its Applications
                  Multimedia Technologies and Applications
                  Introdution to Electronical Business
                  Fundamentals of UNIX System
                  Principle of Database System
                  Network Security Seminar
                  Control and Optimization Techniques in IP Networks
                  Modeling and Analysis of Enterprise and Information
                  Introduction to Theory of Automatic Control
                  Process Control for Chemical Engineering
                  Electronic Circuit Analyse & Design--Applications of EDA Software
                  Computer Networks with Applications
                  Multimedia Technologies and Applications
                  Intelligent Transportation Systems
                  Roaming Over Filtering
                  Exploring Network Dynamics
                Practical courses
                  Automatic Control Theories(2)
                  The Strategy Learn(1)
                  Electric Power Electronics Technique Foundation
                  The Calculator Network and Application
                  Artificial Intelligence Introduction
                  The Electric Power Drags and control
                  The Process Control
                  Diagnosis Principle
                  The System Reorganization
                  The Mode Identification
                  The Computer Simulation
                  The Computer Control System
                  The Numerical Picture processing
                  System Engineering Introduction
                  System Introduction of CIM
                  The Series of Control Lesson and Subject Experiment(1)
                  The Series of Control Lesson and Subject Experiment (2)
                  Series of Examine Technique Experiment(1)
                  Series of Examine Technique Experiment(2)