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                Visit to the Large exhibition “Five year’s Progress”

                Around 9 a.m. on the 3rd of October, more than thirty freshmen of party members and party activists went to the Beijing Exhibition Center and visited the large exhibition “Five Year’s Progress” under the lead of Tao Zhang, Chairman of Executive Board of Department of Automation.

                The exhibition of “Five Year’s Progress” was spread by the series of important speeches delivered by President Jinping Xi and new ideas and strategies of the CPC central committee as the main line, which focused on important nodes and created bright spots to reflect the thoughts and accomplishments. With the help of multimedia and means of sound and light, the display used texts, pictures, videos, material objects, models and a variety of display means such as interactive experience and elements to show the significant achievements in all areas over the past five years in ten theme halls and one interactive exhibition hall. Under the guidance of Tao, the students visited some of them.

                In exhibition halls, the professors and the students listened carefully to the narrator. In the hall of “being confident to create new glories for the Chinese culture ", they saw a digital version of Forbidden Palace and  felt pride for our five thousand years of Chinese civilization. In the hall of  "pushing to build a community of mankind and writing a new chapter for Chinese diplomacy”, the students felt the increase of the international status of China and complex surroundings and international situations nowadays. In the seventh exhibition of "realizing the goal of building a better army of world class", everybody was cheered by the modernization level of weapons and equipments. In front of a aircraft carrier model, Tao discussed with the students and thought that the layered management control of aircrafts should be the important source of security and reliability. In the exhibition hall of network technology, a number of world's and China's breakthroughs attracted the visitors.

                After the visit, all of students felt inspired very much. Particularly, a freshman of master candidate Can Zhao said, "having seen China’s significant achievements in all these areas, I take pride in myself being a Chinese. As a student in Tsinghua University, especially majoring in automation, I believe I have the responsibility to make use our own professional knowledge and skills to help make our country more prosperous and strong ".