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                Preparation Meeting for Employment Successfully Held

                On the 28th of September, the preparation meeting for employment of Department of Automation was successfully held in room 3300 of the 3rd Teaching Building. Vice party secretary of the department Jin Gu, director of the department graduate student team Xiao He, director of the department’s party office Xinyi Liu, Professor of the Navigation and Control Research Center Qing Li attended the meeting, assistant for student affairs Peipei Yang attended  the meeting, and all the graduates of 2018 session took part.

                Jin delivered a speech for opening, stressing that all the graduates should make full use of platforms and resources of the campus employment, actively communicate with the tutor or other teachers in the department. At the same time, he suggested that the graduates should start from the industry as a whole situation, consider their own situations, aim at tops and do information gathering in a directed way.

                Combining with personal experiences, Qing shared his own stories of growth and development and provided valuable advice for choice of employment and career under the title of “People under the Tide of the Great Time”. He stressed that it is the age for high-speed development of technology and society, therefore people should take the advantage of it to make progress for ourselves.

                Xinyi explained related work of employment in detail. She introduced the employment trend in recent years, whereabouts of good graduates in the past and latest policies. In addition, xinyi combed the important time nodes of employment work for graduates of 2018 and then made a detailed explanation of recommendation tables, the tripartite agreements, registration certificates and other documents for graduations.

                This meeting helped lead students to focus on key direction of employment, encouraging students to combine their own development and the development of the nationa and society. Reviews of the employment situation and interpretations of employment policy helped the students to build a big picture. What’s more, by analyzing the important timeline of employment, students could make arrangements for job hunting in an orderly way, which definitely played a very role of publicity and guidance.