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                Lecture for Freshmen of Academician Taking You into Frontiers of Scientific Research

                On the  morning of September 8th, the lecture for freshmen of academician taking you into frontiers of scientific research, which was held by the Department of Automation, was successfully held at the room of A315 in the building NO.6.  The academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Cheng Wu delivered a speech with the title of a new generation of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacture, in which he introduced the frontiers of scientific research represented by artificial intelligence. More than 130 new graduate students attended the lecture.
                Facing all the freshmen, Academician Wu explicitly proposed learning for graduates was totally different from undergraduates’ , which placed much more emphasis on independence and the sense of exploratory. He encouraged the students to listen more social and natural lectures and to read more papers under the free academic environment, preparing a solid foundation for future.

                From the point of "global trends 2030"  put forward by the national intelligence council of the United States, Academician Wu explained the  background of “China’s artificial intelligence 2.0” and its features with the combination of the development trend of world science and three troughs of artificial intelligence in history. Also, Academician Wu believed that this new round of artificial intelligence would lead intelligent manufacturing and every field of manufacturing would emerge with information technology, machinery, technology, management, and other subjects. Therefore, Academician wu thought that the intelligent manufacturing was not far-fetched, and encouraged the students to observe problem from a innovative angle, because only the researches combined with the development of science and technology could be useful, cutting-edge and innovative research.
                In the session of interaction, students and Academician Wu communicated deeply on the concerns about the onset of change, information security and other problems with the emergence of  artificial intelligence.

                In the applause from students, the lecture ended. Representative from the department’s graduate students’ union sent a gift for Academician Wu – a uniform for new students of 2017. Academician wu was glad to have the same automation symbol with everybody and had a photo with all at present  in happy wishes for the Teacher's day.