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                Opening Ceremony for Students of 2017 Successfully Held

                On the afternoon of August 30, Department of Automation successfully held the opening ceremony for students of 2017 in the reception hall of the main building, which 178 new students attended.  Dean of the department Jie Zhou, chairman of executive board, Tao Zhang, chairman of the academic degrees committee Shuning Wang, vice chairman of executive board Jianming Hu, vice dean Wenhui Fan, director of the department graduate student team Xiao  He as well as some representatives of teachers acted as honored guests to attend the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Jin Gu, vice chairman of executive board of the department. Jin introduced the overall situation of the new students and expressed a warm welcome for the new arrival on behalf of all the professors and students.

                On behalf of all the graduate students in the department, chairman of the Department Graduates' Union Peng Jiang delivered a welcome speech. Combining with his own experiences, Peng told the story of course learning, scientific exploration and amateur life in the and suggested communication more and taking an active part in physical exercise, giving the sincere wishes.

                Ph.D candidate Chang Qiao from control theory and technology research institute spoke as a representative of the new students. Chang looked back on my four years of his undergraduate study and life, reflected and led all new students to think how to greet the incoming stage of being a graduate student. He proposed the reasonable use of social media and campus resources, appropriate interpersonal cooperation as well as having the courage to bear the social responsibility to himself and all peers.

                Gainer of national natural science foundation for outstanding young reseachers Jinli Suo spoke as a representative of the teachers. Jinli expressed the sense of pride and responsibility at seeing all new students, and then looked forward that everyone would have full preparation for doing high-level research, comprehensive communication, self-management and being ready to fight long.

                The dean Jie reviewed the history of our department, introducing the subject setting, faculty and obtained honors. At the same time, he hoped the students could find the direction of their development as soon as possible combining  with the development of country and society demand, establish the aspiration, cultivate their abilities of  finding, analyzing, solving and summarizing problems in a down-to-earth way, which could contribute to the development of our department, our school and even our country.

                With a round of applause, the opening ceremony ended. Welcome new graduate students of 2017 to join Department of Automation in Tsinghua University. Wish that you can forget the honor of past, inherit the department’s spirits of  "consciousness, self-discipline and self-improvement" , bearing the spirits of "battle, dedication, introspection" to study hard and live seriously towards the peak of science and good life!